NHN  has a program to develop publications on  topics of use to residents.  Listed below are publications prepared to date.  These are available for distribution or, if you wish, they can be downloaded in a .pdf format .  To download these publications in pdf format click the red title below.  If you do not already have the free Adobe Reader there is a link at the bottom of this page to obtain it.  With the Reader you can read it on your screen or print out all or a part of the document.


If you do not already have the free Adobe Reader you can Click Here to download  it.  

NHN #6: Resources For SLCCV Residents
This publication lists resources available to SLCCV residents in several categories.  As resources are added and subtracted from the list the version available here will be updated.  The first issue was December 2011.  When a revised version is shown we will note that fact here..
A useful check list if you are exploring the possibility of an Assisted Living facility.  This was prepared by The American Health Care Association. 
NHN #4:  Making Choices
The most important aspects of life planning and end-of-life preparation should begin well before we enter the final stages of our lives. Unless we carefully and deliberately plan and express our wishes in writing and in the appropriate legal format, there is no guarantee that our wishes will be correctly interpreted and honored.  As we get older, there are two important things we must do. First, give ample consideration as to the way we want our assets managed if we should become sick or incapacitated and are no longer able to manage ourselves. We must also consider the way we want our assets distributed upon our death. Secondly, give ample consideration to the way we want our health managed if we are not able to manage it ourselves.  It is to these choices that this publication is directed.
NHN #3:  Using A Digital Camera To Inventory Possessions
Computers and digital cameras provide a golden opportunity to inventory possessions.  This document explains the what, why and how of doing a digital inventory.  It also provides suggested camera settings, guidelines and picture organization to assist you.  If you already have a computer and digital camera then the only cost will be your time.  (3 pages)
NHN #2:  Information Needed In The Event Of Serious Illness Or Death
For many of us a serious illness, disability or death could find our surviving spouse, family, close friends or executor faced with decisions and actions that demand a detailed understanding of our personal affairs.  This document will assist you to record such information now that might otherwise later require a large amount of time and cost to uncover.  Consider it like an insurance policy.  It will provide the responsible individuals with the information needed to make the best decisions in your interest or your family’s.  Moreover, if the document is kept in a safe place it could have great value to you in the event of a fire or other disaster affecting your home.  (16 pages)
NHN #1: A Services and Facilities Guide For An Aging Population Located In The Fort Pierce And Vero Beach Area
This resource identifies agencies and services in our area that can be called upon when and if need arises or for your advance planning purposes.  It is a guide for you and your family to use as a starting point in your search for assistance.   Addendums will be available as more viable data are accumulated. (10 pages)