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**** The photos and information regarding the SLCCV Kazoo Band have
       been updated to reflect the 2014 show. CLICK HERE to see the new
**** The SLCCV New England Club ran a successful Square Dance Benefit
       for  Treasure Coast Hospice on March 30th.  CLICK HERE for some
       pictures and results.
****  In a meeting on March 18th the New England Club named Anita Tudino
       as the 2014 Unsung Hero.  CLICK HERE for details and a picture.
**** The 2014 Senior Fitness Games ended a sucessful season with party.
       CLICK HERE for a wrap up and pictures.
**** Ready For Action: Treasure Chest (Buy & Sell)  Also set are: Rental
      Availabilities and "Want-To-Rent"  Good luck to all.  CLICK HERE to
      go to Resources.
**** The April issue of the Village Voice is here for your convenience. 
       CLICK HERE to read.
**** If you have not already done so we suggest you register your Email
      address with the Recreation Department.  Robyn has initiated 
      mailings to residents when there is important new information to share.
**** Pictures of a nesting pair of Egyptian Geese and ther brood at SLCCV
      have been added to SLCCV Views.  CLICK HERE to review.
XX : April 17, 2014
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This web site was created by Bill McCurdy & Frank Buzzelli.  Bill McCurdy and Jim Brooks are solely responsible for the content of the site.  Questions about the site may be directed to:
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It is with great sadness that we record here the death of Frank Buzzelli  on Feb. 8, 2014.  Among the many things he did for this community was co-founding this web site.  In 20 years he made a lasting contribution to the community.   We have only begun to realize how much we will miss him. 
(Ann Buzzelli can be reached at 0-105 West Amsterdam Ave, Fair Lawn, NJ 07410)